Raining Acorns and Squiddles (Part III)


Judas Iscariot.

Oy Gevalt!

There’s a nice contrast for you.

However, who do you think I feel like and which one did me in?

Even though I am an atheist.

And the “Oy Gevalt!” What is that one all about? My bloody head!!!

Forget the “Squiddles” and their wee acorn missiles!

A goddamn nine inch piece of tree bark landed right fucking BANG on my head while I was just out having a cuppa.  OWWWW! This was not and is not something I needed just coming out of a Postictal state.

Let’s hope I don’t have another seizure due to a head injury? Just kidding…

Oh, wow that hurt…and still does…

EDIT: Stay tuned…I have captured the culprit (no, no…not Judas…) but I suppose “The Projectile” would be better said for you to see! Will upload shortly as I bravely venture out with another cuppa!

I'm innocent! What did I do?

So, that’s what got me.  And note the difference in size between the wee acorns.  Much less of a threat are they, don’t you think??

Raining Acorns and Squiddles (Part II)

Raining Acorns and Squiddles

  1. Arkay

    Oh this is so gonna hurt once you get ahold of me:
    “I guess that means their bark is worse than…”
    *hears screen door open, starts running*


  2. Hi Arkay, hahaha! You know, if it wasn’t for my “head injury,” I might have actually thought of that one? No need to run, dearie.


  3. Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode, Jerry tells George it seems like he has some pent up anger and George responds “maybe because the whole universe is against me!” I can’t tell you how many times I have felt that way!


  4. Hi Pink, I never did watch a lot of Seinfeld but indeed, I can certainly identify with that phrase. I think a lot of us around here can!


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