I could probably write volumes upon volumes on this but have you ever written posts at insane speeds, typing away…edit later…edit later…

Then you go back and realize (that is, if you’re even half in your mind) that everything you wrote is complete and total shite?

So. “To be or not to be?” Delete or not Delete? Save or not to Save?

Well, I know I just wrote a massive post that I think is complete and total shite and a real mess.  It’s tying in a couple of things tonight…well, I could throw in another one.  Also, streaming an MP3.  What the backstory of the MP3 is about and a specific tie-in (or as specific as I can get) to the song regarding a story from my past.

Gee, what else did I write about? What the hell else did I shove in there? Well, if I left anything out, do you think that’s enough to make it one terribly, convoluted, ugly, bloody mess on its own?

Oh, yes.  Of course there was the banal (or sometimes exciting or titillating!) “plot” of my evening.  Although, when you’re mental, far too many times (and I am…no…ARGH!!!)


Again, that “down the rabbit hole” business.  Yes, we’re mental and we get into a sitch so things get weird.  Fine.

I’m never going to write the “Alice Down the Rabbit Hole” thing on my blog again.

Fuck, it’s everywhere now and it’s just been done too much.

Why can’t we all be as original in our writing as our mentalness makes us???

Whoa, PA! You’re one motherfuckin’ pompous ass for sayin’ that!

Sorry, folks.  PA’s writing isn’t that original and…well, feel free to call her a pompous ass at your choosing.

  1. Arkay

    Uh, never having seen it (at least i don’t think so – you are anonymous, and have a camera and I have ‘occasionally’ visited some sites featuring unclothed persons of the female nature – or is that naturale?), I still don’t think ‘pompous’ is one of the adjective I’d be choosing to describe your posterior. :)

    And believe me when I tell you this, you have MUCHO original writing skills, as evidences a multiplicity of times in just the posts I’ve read here. And so what if you occasionally use a phrase that has been ‘done before’ or even ‘done to death’, I bring up the whole infinite # of monkey’s/typewriters thing. I mean seriously, to steal from a favourite Dilbert cartoon, compared to yours, my writing is like 6 monkey’s and a couple of hours, tops.


  2. Hi Arkay, nope. No photographs of my ass have ever been posted on my blog. I can guarantee you that! Although some of those “larger” sites have marked me as having “mature” content and perhaps “not suitable for some readers.” *PA giggles* No, nothing of that sort goes on here. This isn’t a pr0n blog!

    Well, maybe not in the traditional sense? *PA rolls eyes* Oh, I’m just kidding!

    And this was again, a “drive-by.” They can get just so out there! It’s like my mind completely leaves the planet! Or maybe my entire head does! How’s that for a comparison to the monkeys? Me sitting here decapitated writing at a keyboard!

    Thank you about my writing, though. That means a lot–even if I am my own worst critic!


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