I just logged on and thought an email there was…a FOAD.

Much to my surprise, it wasn’t.

I was awarded something.  Money from a scholarship that I had applied for a while a back.  I was thinking, “No news is good news?”  Usually, FOADs come via snail mail (trust me, I got a FOAD from another Scholarship/Bursary in the mail not long ago.)

No.  It’s a Provincial Scholarship.  There were several different categories, based upon the student (I applied for the Continuing Studies category since I am adult doing Continuing Studies!) It also had a financial limit.  There was only so much money the Organization was offering overall.

I was going to say I didn’t win the lottery but no, I think I did! The dollar amount isn’t massive but I think that is, again, because of the geographical territory.

I have been invited to this Organization’s Official Reception on a certain date to receive my Award.  I guess I’ll be there with be there with bells with on? It will public.  My photograph will be taken, I’m sure! ACK! Also, if you haven’t figured it out yet, it has “something” to do with one of my diagnoses!

So, dunno what to say.  And speaking of “dunno what to say”…well, through so many years, in corporate…if they want me to speak? Okay.  And I’m such a Stigma Buster, too.  But enough of that.

I’m just totally in shock right now.

I’ve also been such a fan of this Organization, too. *grin*

  1. Cool, if you want I can look up the scholarships I got when I entered uni. I got most of them for ADHD or Aspergers, total about 4K? One was from OASIS I think…


  2. Hi Canageek. Thanks sweetie. Shit. I thought it was just junk when I clicked it…?

    But hey! I have no money so if you want to dig for me?

    I am daft. No one will argue that point. However, not so daft that…

    Go nuts, baby. Go nuts.


  3. Hi May. Thanks. *wee grin* I think I was definitely a bit spazzy and in shock when I found out. I just had to fix a typo in this post, after I’d written it last night!

    Stupid typos… “Typos, Be Damned!”


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