Simple Partial Seizure Notation

I’m kinda baked so I’m putting this here.  Well, I think they’re all here anyway but I’ll add it to my big document later.

Epigastric rising, unsure of rapid eye blinking but did not seem to occur. *shakes head* Epigastric rising lasted several (app. five?) minutes.  During said time period, minor motor spasms in right leg resembling actually Myoclonic activity.  After app. three more minutes, full motor spasms began in right leg and then began in left leg, also.

Entire motor period in both legs lasted less than one minute.

Immediately in post-“ick”tal© state, patient shed 1-2 tears.  Also experienced state of DP/DR that lasted for an indeterminate period.

Patient has been off Clobazam/Frisium for app. three days, due to illness and being away from home with no access to it.

Post-seizure benzo push.

  1. lili

    Keep everything charted. I hope the benzo push helps out a bit.


  2. Hi lili. Yep, I am an obsessive “charter,” “note-taker,” “list-maker,” well…I could go on and on. I need so much order like that, just to cope and get by in my life period! However, I do make incredible notes for all of my mental craziness, no matter.

    You see, there’s so much of it! *laughing*

    I tend to do a post-seizure/post-ictal benzo push often. Benzos are/can be used as Anticonvulsants so they sometimes really help me out in that area.

    The good ol’ Clobazam/Frisium that I mentioned up there is a benzo, but really only used as a seizure adjunct. I would be extremely surprised to see it prescribed like other benzos for sleep or anxiety.


  3. Tracy

    Oh dear wee PA, i am really sorry it has been so long since i have visited…so much had happened to both of us. i think it has been two hospitalizations for me…and i had to laugh at your “Proof that i’m insane”…for a 72 hour hold….they call it being “TD’Oed” here and i have several of those papers…hee, maybe i should frame one too…i’m sure hubby would just l o v e it…!

    So sorry about more seizure problems and migraines…and that you had to stop the ETOH…which is very ironic, as i really need to stop it too…i just don’t want to. (whine, whine, WINE) My psychiatrist say he thinks i should, but he can’t force me. i figure the very least i could do is slow down, eh? No one needs 3-4 (albeit small…rationalization!) glasses of wine a night…what a basket case!

    Thanks for listening to me….best always to my PA,


  4. Hi Tracy, so good to see you! Not to worry about being “absent” for a while. That’s okay! Sounds like you have had some some “crazy” things going on in your life lately, as well. *sighs* When will it ever end, right? Erm…how about never? *laughing*

    I’m glad you liked me adding the 72 Hour Hold Graphic and Commentary… Yes, I always try to add a bit of humour around here where and whenever I can.

    Stopping imbibing is actually really good for me. It’s been a problem all of my adult life. It will only be a benefit. It is true that no one can force you to do it. You can only do it yourself and honestly, if it wasn’t for the fact that it makes me so sick physically, I would still be doing it! That just proves how rough that it really is to be addicted to something.

    Thanks so much about the seizures and migraine “stuff.” I’m not sure what to say about all of that! I know that weather may still be a trigger for the migraines, so they may still be hanging around.

    The seizures? I’ve had them all of my life so I doubt they’ll ever go away–especially since they have progressed to more serious types. Not to mention, they’re idiopathic. Or as I like to say, “idiotpathic!”

    Also, statistically once you get to a certain type (e.g. a Complex Partial as an adult), they can stay with you for life! Ah, what can you (I?) do…

    No problem about listening to you! Hey, I’m always here!

    Hugs back,


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