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The Arch Alien of Asperger’s© had the opportunity, not long ago, to engage in some more creativity.  Her “supplies” were generously donated from her friend J.  J. rides a Scooter and as he was “Scooting” along, his GPS decided to use its own mind, sprout wings and go soaring off into the wind, like a lovely spring bird!

Yes, the GPS just flew off his Scooter as he was happily, zipping away.  He did manage to turn around and pick it up, but of course, it was no longer of use.

Recalling the great fun of this past creative endeavor, The Arch Alien of Asperger’s© decided to now make this, which is of much more use than what she made the first time in the link above.  Well, that may be debatable as you read further.

Is There Anyone Out There?

Is There Anyone Out There?

This is her Alien Communication Device.  She keeps trying but she may have gotten some things wrong with her engineering.  She doesn’t think so as she believes she was completely spot on with every step.

It may just be that no one is answering.

Or no one wants to talk.  Period.

Spock and The Arch Alien of Asperger’s© had a brief discussion and he told her that it was quite good by human standards.  Of course, he has much better access to technology on Vulcan and obviously they are more advanced.  Nonetheless, he feels she did a great job and also, upon inspecting her engineering, he also agrees that everything seems in order–despite the definitely archaic, human architecture.

I suppose she shall just keep trying.  Eventually, someone may communicate back to her?

Yeah, yeah, yeah…You Suck PA…

This is my first “Disability MP3!”

Not there’s anything wrong with being disabled, of course.  It’s just with all of my dx’s, my need for my Medic-Alert Bracelet, The place that I was trying to work with to get a job…disabled folks…

Doesn’t matter.  Date of posting? I am totally “put-any-prefix-abled” to get a job.

So…what shall I stream while I’m trying to get my brain “unfried?” Seizure DJ’s Choice?

EDIT: Before we proceed, remember that PA is still post-“ick”tal.©

And now that I have streamed, I did mention.  Fuck, getting stiff.  Can anyone either walk over or get on a jet and give wee PA a massage?

Anyway, the song?

“The Tower” by Chris de Burgh


EDIT: If you want to know that PA is crying… learn aout post-tal or she will tell you how it works because she’s now bawling.  And wwrkded realy hard to typed this but failed. Cuase being post-ictal makes you fuciked up.

Not sure what to make of this one but you can’t make sure of any of mine–or others.  I just document them here so I know when and where etc..

So, a bit or rapid eye blinking and then it stopped.  Then I felt a “rush” of agression” that is SO not like PA.  PA is meek.

That rush emotion or any other type is, or can be know as an “aura” or Simple Partial Siezure that I have.  But I knew something was wrong.  Why was I so pissed off? There was no reasson for me to be so angry?

*DING!* PA! You’re having a (potential) aura!

EDIT: Sorry, I have seized to some point this all may be off in grammar, punctuation and such.

So, I went outside and drooling is one of my “biggies.”  No, I can drool a lot when I sieze sometimes.  Well, I was drooling a lot tonight.

Lately, I’ve been doing the rapid eye blinking that is standard for me but the key is lately it has involved loss of vision so something with my occitpal lobe.

No one knows anything about my seizures, how or whre they camre from, eveolved.  Good grief.  Look at this.  Nice typing.  Well, I will leave it as it stands. So you can see someone whoe is post-icata.

When there is no know cause it is called idiopathic.  Those are my seizures.  Again, all my live and they’ve just morphed.

And don’t shit on me for having some red wine.

That wasn’t what “caused” it like so many people think so.

And don’t get me on a rant about how I have had to defend myself about my existence with Epilepsy and people telling me not to drink, and how to live and that and that on top of all of my other  comorbidities.

Pay Attention: post-ictal behaviour in motion…

Just like before when I got riled, when people come out of seizures…various emtional states.  I think I’m just a bit seizure brain fried–definitely–…tiredf…tired of defendng myself

It Hurts.

I guess that’s the end for now.

I may post-ictal tomorrow but if you don’t know, there are various stages of post-ictal.  You can be ver sick,  I have been very ugly sick for 72 hours.

I am sorry if i have disappointed you.  I know i have I now I have diappointed a lote a readers for a very long tme but I till love them